Since 1993

Iconic leaders Alice Paul, Carrie Chapman Catt, Ida Wells-Barnett, Lucy Burns, Inez Milholland, and others struggle to justify the means for their ultimate goal: winning the franchise for women. This battle of ideas and leadership is painted in intimate human moments, and with musical spectacle, bringing to life the parades, rallies and protests these revolutionaries used to advance their cause.

"The Suffragist" highlights the most vivid moments in the struggle for achieving the vote, both home and abroad.

  • Alice Paul's training at the hands of the Pankhurst family, radical British activists
  • The clash between "traditional" and "contemporary" values as the leaders struggle to determine the best path to suffrage
  • Parades, train tours, and political spectacle
  • A tap-dancing President
  • The first-ever protests outside the White House, aka The Silent Sentinels
  • The Night of Terror, where American women were tortured for requesting political prisoner status
  • And more...
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