July 16 - 18, 2021

The Suffragist made its debut at Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center,
on the beautiful campus of the University of Northern Iowa.
Read on to learn more about this exciting new American musical.

Directed by Rachel Klein
Book + Lyrics by Cavan Hallman
Music by Nancy Hill Cobb


"The harrowing moments of The Suffragist will suck away viewers’ breath. The hilarious moments mercifully will let them breathe. The drama in between is captivating."


A black and white image of actress Nancy Opel wearing a black top and smiling softly at the camera.
Cathryn Wake BW
McDonald BW
Waggoner BW

Nancy Opel, Carrie Chapman Catt
Tony®-Nominated Actress

Starring as Carrie Chapman Catt, celebrated Broadway actress Nancy Opel will take the stage for the premiere in July. “As a storyteller in a world turned upside down, I am grateful to be working on a piece about significant, necessary change. It's an honor to be working with Nancy Opel on this vital story from history," said director Rachel Klein. "She's an incredible talent and a thoughtful actor, and I have no doubt that her performance will inspire and educate audiences about this campaign, fought before our time."

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Cathryn Wake, Alice Paul
Broadway Actress

Broadway singer and actress Cathryn Wake will star as Alice Paul, a vocal leader who advocated for and helped secure passage of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution, granting women the right to vote. “I am thrilled that a singer/actor of Cathryn Wake’s experience has joined the production to play the role of Alice Paul in The Suffragist. She brings just the right qualities to play this revolutionary woman who made such a difference in women’s lives through her persistence in the suffrage fight,” says executive producer, Nancy Hill Cobb.

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MaKayla McDonald, Ida B. Wells
Up-and-coming New York singer

Waterloo native and UNI alumna MaKayla McDonald will take to the stage as Ida B. Wells, an American investigative journalist, educator and early leader in the civil rights movement. “Ida B. Wells’ work as an anti-lynching, anti-racist, and pro-Black activist laid the foundation for the continued work today. Her bravery was born out of necessity,” says McDonald. “Wells’ career as a founding member of both the NACW and NAACP, an investigative journalist, and suffragist for African American women is iconic and history-making. “The Suffragist” illuminates her message well and I’m eager and excited to tell her story!”

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Joel Waggoner, Woodrow Wilson/Doctor
Broadway Veteran

Waterloo native, UNI alumnus and Broadway veteran Joel Waggoner will return to the Cedar Valley stage doubling as Woodrow Wilson and Doctor. As President, Wilson spent a number of years fending off the activists who wanted an amendment added to the United States Constitution that would make it the law of the land that women could vote.

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The Suffragist is available for professional, amateur, and academic licensing.
The full libretto, as well as select archival recordings are available for perusal
by those who are considering productions.

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